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The Bizooku X Platform

Rapidly Create an Incredible App

The do-it-yourself platform enables you to build and launch a beautiful app quickly.

Everything you need, all in one place

With Bizooku, app building is made simple. Design your very own app in the browser without any required downloads and get the exact functions your organization needs. For iOS Android or Windows, your dreams become reality.

Customizable Widgets

Instantly add the features you want and arrange them as you desire.

Centralized Management

One admin panel to update the content across all mobile devices.

Live Update

Change the look, feel and functionality in real-time, automatically updated on every users device.

Beautiful User Experiences

Visually Stunning

A Bizooku app is one that looks as great as it performs. Build an app around your distinct brand.

Socially Integrated

Integrate your app with social media and connect with visitors via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more.

Instant Engagement

Engage and communicate with your audience live within the app and take them on a unique journey.

The right tools to do the job


Using our personal app builder, you can customize functionality for your exact requirements.

No advanced coding knowledge is necessary – with our drag and drop builder you will have a professional app in just minutes.

Push Notification

The easiest method to get the attention of your users. Keep them up to date with the latest news or spur action but sending offers.

Video Streaming

Streaming video allows you to offer top quality content that really provides value to your audience.

Audio Streaming

Keep your audience informed with an ongoing audio podcast show, or add a static audio file library.

In-App Banner Ads

You have the sole attention of a user when they are using you app. These targeted eyeballs are worth their weight in gold for partners and affiliates.

Advanced Analytics

Get the inside track on your stats to improve your business. Get in-depth data on your app, traffic, ads and clients to gain an edge.

Location Services

You need an app to get found. Make it easy for clients to find your location with maps, GPS and contact features.

Facebook Events

Your event calendar integrates seamlessly to Facebook, allowing you to bring people together across channels.


Keep your users informed. Breaking news, company and industry specific news feeds are the perfect complement to your service offering.

Non-Profit Tools

Tools like event organizing, donation tools and crowdfunding are perfect for your charitable cause.

Volunteer Tools

Collaboration tools and group messaging features allow volunteers to connect easily to arrange events and spread awareness.


Let your customers and users know you care by offering them coupons for special offers and deals only available to them in your app!


Collect information that is valuable to your business from your users such as feedback, emails, or ballot submissions with this form tool.


Additional services are available by contacting our staff, including helping you market your app to gain users.


Simply pull and display your YouTube channel or Podcast with the powerful media widget.


Bring your social feeds from Facebook and Twitter directly to your users anytime they are in your app.


Allow users to instantly share your app with their friends and help you grow your business or brand.


Create private chat rooms directly in your app to engage on a higher level with your users and clients.

 And Much More…

Bizooku designs new widgets on a consistent basis. Need something not yet listed? Tell us what you want your app to achieve.

“There was nothing out there that even came close to what Bizooku delivered”

Greg BoykoIm Infinity

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Maurice YiHomeframe

“Bizooku did what I thought was impossible – quickly brought my idea to life”

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“We love Bizooku. Together, we were able to launch a fully-functional mobile app in just a few short weeks.”

Shelly Kurtz
Executive Director of Sales & Marketing

Bizooku Custom

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We take you from idea to launch and help you market once it’s live.

Create an execution plan to bring your idea to fruition.

Build a demo version of your app to test the concept..

We help you get financed to pay for design, development & marketing.

Create the final working app, ready to bring to market.

Get any kinks out and make sure the user experience is perfect.

We help you keep up to date with you apps design and backend.

Get users in front of your app and bring your idea to the masses.

We help you turn users into paying customers in your app.

Simple yet powerful all-in-one app builder.

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