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fitness apps that pay you to workout
Many people love to workout and stay in shape. However, a lot of individuals (including myself) allow their discipline to slip and end up skipping out on their daily workout routines. Maybe if there was a financial incentive to getting in shape it would be easier to stay accountable. Fortunately today there are fitness apps that actually pay you cash to stay in shape! Today’s post is all about fitness apps the get you healthy and get you paid!  
The Pact app is a great healthy living app that keeps your exercise and dieting routines on track. The app insructs users to make weekly pacts with yourself to complete certain workouts or commit to specific diets. Once the weekly pacts are created, the user must choose how much money they will pay other PACT users if they don’t meet their weekly goals. Likewise, if you do complete your weekly pacts you will get paid by other users. So you basically make money by sticking to your diet/workout routines and you get paid by users who skip out on their weekly routines. You only make a few extra bucks a week, but the app provides a actual financial incentive to stay accountable and it makes goal setting really easy.
2) DietBet
The DietBet app is a great way to reach your weight loss goals by tapping into your competitive nature. Users pay a small entry fee to join games within the app. Users will compete against other motivated  members to see who can lose the most weight in a specific amount of time. Users who win the competitions will split the money pot with the other winners!
3) Charity Miles
It’s great to earn money for yourself, but sometimes it’s good to give money back to others in need. If you’re a person who likes to workout and likes to donate to charity, the Charity Miles app will be a great option for you! The app will donate money to the charity of your choice  anytime to you walk, run, or bike. The app will access your smartphone’s GPS capability to track the your movement. So basically the more you move the more money your charity receives! The app pays out from corporate sponsors like Johnson & Johnson and Chobani.
4) FitCoin
The FitCoin app syncs to Fitbit and all other fitness trackers supported by the Apple Health app. Users can simply start burning calories by going to the gym, walking, or jogging and can start earning FitCoins for your workouts. The app keeps track of how many calories you’ve burned during a workout and translates those calories into FitCoins. FitCoins can be used in the FitCoin store for great gifts like Amazon gift cards.