Vanessa Mdee fans get real time free mobile alerts

By February 27, 2018 No Comments
Vannessa Mdee App
Avid Vanessa Mdee fans can now keep up to date on her latest activities by receiving free alerts inside the Vee Money App on their mobile phone which means that fans no longer need to check her social media pages to stay up to date on her latest movements. Vanessa launched the mobile alerts service two weeks ago in Tanzania and it has been so well received by her fans that the mobile alerts are now launching globally and will be available to all of Vanessa’s fans around the world that have the Vee Money App on their phone. Speaking about the mobile alert service Vanessa said that this is just another way to bring her fans closer. “The mobile alert service in the Vee Money App means that my fans will always be the first to know what’s going on which is important to me because at the end of the day it is for my fans that I work so hard for so I always want them to know how much I appreciate their support by keeping them updated as much as possible,” said Mdee.
Vannessa Mdee App Image 2The Vee Money App was developed by Converge Media, an American technology firm that specializes in mobile engagement and interaction between artists and fans. According to Converge Media’s Chief Innovation Officer, Galen Brunelle, Vanessa Mdee fans should be prepared for many more exciting developments from the Vee Money app. “We have many new features on the Vee Money App that we are rolling out in the coming weeks that will give fans of Vanessa Mdee amazing access to exclusive content that they will be able to find nowhere else. We at Converge Media are very excited about the many ways that Vanessa’s fans will be able to engage with her in the Vee Money App” said Galen Brunelle. The Vee Money App is free to download and is available in both the Apple App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Download from App Store HERE Download from Google Play Store HERE Keep up with our #WhereWeConverge social conversations so you are always up to date on what’s new with us. You can ‘Like’ us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Let us know what your handle is in the comments below for a follow back!